Need to read Catia, NX, Creo or Solidworks PMI or Solidworks and Catia Drawings!

Free PMI Importer?

3D CAD Translators with an Edit Button

We can offer you 3D CAD translation where you can actually "EDIT" the parts at a price much more cost effective than the "translation only" packages.

"You can immediately start working with the parts or assemblies in our
Single Model Environment or export them in a format your system can read!"

Many CAD products have now incorporated explicit or direct edit modeling capabilities. Sadly, they have not made it readily available in the design process. We should be able to easily integrate it into our daily design process. Imagine never worrying about the history of the part, by just having the ability to instantly start modifying your parts and assemblies. I have this level of flexibility as part of my design process.

Smart Parts - Dumb System
Dumb Parts - Smart System

Is 3D CAD Productivity an Oxymoron?

Take a look at your CAD system. It can only read a history based file generated by that CAD system. Yes the CAD system is stupid it depends smartness of the parts. Now take a look at the only system that has integrated direct edit functionality. Most all features are available for modification. Don't you think It is time for you to switch to a Smart System.

  • Creo has a complete separate package that offers a clumsy user integration of direct edit functionality.
  • Solidworks, Inventor, Solid Edge and NX have incorporated direct edit functionality but treat each face modification as a step in the history. While this is better than Creo Direct it is not easily used in the design process. Mostly promoted for modifying non-native or dumb solids.

  • ZW3D even though creates a step in the history, but it can take the complete history and move it to a single brep if the part gets too complicated. This allows you to focus on direct edit modeling in your design process.

  • Catia 5 offers no direct edit functionality and only offers complex history based design. Sadly, it is mostly used in the aircraft industry where the only constant is change. You can see the automotive industry starting to wake up to this weakness in Catia and moving to the much more productive NX. I am sure Boeing and Airbus will realize this soon.

  • IronCAD/INOVATE are the only packages that have true integrated history and direct editing that are used in combination in the design process. Direct editing is not a step in the history but completely integrated into the system. When you directly modify a face, it will blow the affected history. But it is of no consequence, you still are working with both processes. Can you Solidworks clone users imagine blowing your history?

  • Direct Edit Only - Now there are some great direct edit only packages. But I have found them a bit clunky to do conceptual design. History is by far a much more productive paradigm for conceptual design. But we all know making extensive changes in history only systems can be very difficult and is dependent on the experience and intelligence of the user. Direct edit offers a much simpler process that aids the not so "bright" or casual user.

Here are videos of most of the products direct edit functionality

Universal 3D CAD Compatibility is not Here!

But like I have said above, most of you can now utilize the direct edit functionality in your design process. Try it, you may like it.

Import Solidworks, Inventor, Creo, NX and Solid Edge

Import/Export all standard formats plus Catia 4/5

Do you have departments that are outside of engineering and are always clamoring for more access to the parts and assemblies? We really do not want them accessing native parts and assemblies. We offer two systems that can bring the parts in and use them for a variety of reasons. From sales, marketing, tooling, machining, planning, analysis, etc. The cost of an extra seat of NX, Creo and Catia are prohibitive, not only in price but the complexity of the program itself. Solidworks, Inventor and Solid Edge are not cheap and still have a long learning curve.

We can offer a creative solution for every situation. An easy to use program for sales, marketing, tech pubs and those that are not engineering professionals.

Leverage Your Engineering Data - Sales, Publication and Marketing

We can also provide the engineering support staff with inexpensive professional 3D CAD software to evaluate the designs and make changes if required. Never touching the native file. We can even import all of the PMI information from Catia, Creo, NX and Solidworks.

You can edit the parts and import them back into the native system for production work.

The Worst to Best CAD System and Why!

CAD Systems Working Together

For no more than the cost of an "translation only" program you can have an edit button.
See pricing and order information below.

Does all of that sound like something you could use?

So let me introduce you to the "EDIT BUTTON"

Both of our CAD packages have integrated constrained/freeform history/feature based and direct edit solid modeling functionality. Why not lead the way to the new Engineering CAD standard!! We can help you get started in all aspects.

Many of the other products, even the high products, actually have two products to provide this explicit modeling capabilities or even though they may be integrated it is difficult to use in your design process.

With IronCAD/INOVATE and ZW3D you can talk to all of the popular CAD products out there.
Our products can read and edit the native file from any popular CAD product.  This means you don't have to have Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Creo (Pro/E), Catia, Solid Edge or Siemens NX to be compatible any more.

Only IRONCAD/INOVATE has both constrained and free form history and explicit modeling integrated in one product. It truly is the best conceptual design package available. Drag and Drop standard or user created features, parts or assemblies from standard or custom catalogs. Yes, it has full sketching functionality. It also includes integrated realistic rendering, and animation from imported files including SLA.  It also included Kinematics with Collision detection.

Here is a large assembly imported into IronCAD. It comes in as one file with all of the parts (linked if they are the same) and sub-assemblies. In the Solidworks clone it comes in as separate parts which populate your hard drive. Which one is easier to work with?

Compare INOVATE to Solidworks Mechanical Conceptual!!
We let you design the way you want at a much more cost effective price of $1,970.00
You actually can only rent SWMC at $2,985.00 per year!!

Four Functions that Increase CAD Productivity!!

CAD for the Industrial and Product Designer

Leverage Your Engineering Data Series!

IronCAD vs Solidworks and the Pro/e Paradigm


Here is a quote from one of our IRONCAD users.  He works for the Navy and has moved to management and has not been on IRONCAD for 6 months.
"I enjoy working with IRONCAD, even if you have been away from the program for a few months it is easy to get back to designing.  Nothing is faster for conceptual design, in a couple of hours I can knock out a design that take the Solid Edge users a couple of days."

Another from a Machine Shop owner:

"IronCAD is the most incredible CAD program I have ever worked with. We can read our Boeing and Airbus parts directly with the Catia 5 native translator. And work with the parts and create detail inspection drawings.

Inovate with Trans - $1,970.00

Download IronCAD and import any of your parts or assemblies and see how they come into one single file. Then instantly start modifying them with the industries only robust integrated history and direct edit 3D CAD system.  

For more information or to download a fully function copy of Ironcad

Warning: Even though IronCAD can design by sketching please focus on the drag and drop design!

TECH-NET IronCAD Training

IronCAD Video Basics!

Learning IronCAD in ONE Minute!

Here is a great way to get introduced to the single model environment, drag and drop design, the incredible triball and the only true integrated history/direct edit modeling.

Self-Paced Training Guide Introduction Course              


ZW3D Lite is a complete CAD package with both History and Direct Edit functionality. It's most productive feature is having parts, assemblies and drawings in the same file. Rent for a 6 months  at $450.00 - 12 months $800.00 Perpetual $2000.00

Here is the same large assembly as above imported into ZW3D. It comes in as one file with all of the parts and sub-assemblies. In the Solidworks clone it comes in as separate parts which populate your hard drive. Which one is easier to work with?

ZW3D Standard adds Free Form Class A Surfacing, Sheet Metal Design and Reverse Engineering plus much, much more. This is the most CAD you can get for the money. Rent for a year $1200.00 and read the native files all the versions of Solidworks! Go ahead give it a try!!! 30 days for free!! Contact us if you need more evaluation time on any of our products.

It is the only history based program that has an integrated AID (drawing)
Just think how much time that function alone would save in PDM and PLM.

The Integrated AID (drawing) in 3D CAD

ZW3D now imports the PMI of Catia 5, NX, Creo and Solidworks.

Free PMI Importer!

Learning Mechanical 3D CAD

Flexible Product Design - White Paper

Beyond Direct Edit: Surface and Hybrid Modeling


For more information or to download ZW3D

We have decades of engineering and 3D CAD experience
and our support would be an asset to your company.

We have the best Catia translators. We read and write Catia 4 and Catia 5 .catpart/.cadproduct

ZW3D has associative mold design and CNC available - go here for more information.

TECH-NET Engineering Services!

We sell and support IronCAD and ZW3D Products and
provide engineering services throughout the USA and Canada!

Why TECH-NET Sells IronCAD and ZW3D

If you are interested in adding professional hybrid modeling capabilities or looking for a new solution to increase your productivity, take some time to download a fully functional 30 day evaluation and play with these packages. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or would like an on-line presentation.

Joe Brouwer