IronCAD Video Basics!

If you’re just getting started or evaluating the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite, seeing it in action is the easiest way to get oriented and begin to grasp its revolutionary potential when it comes to engineering productivity and seamless collaboration. Watch these CAD videos for an introduction to its unique features.

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite — a complete range of CAD programs designed around core 3D modeling software IRONCAD — to optimize your engineering team’s design process, effortlessly move between 3D and 2D, and support seamless collaboration throughout your organization and beyond.

User Interface
Get an overview of IRONCAD’s user interface, including the main ribbon bar, catalogs, and how to get started with a simple drag-and-drop design.

3D Design Space
Tour the main design environment in IRONCAD, which accommodates as many parts as you like in a single file, simplifying file management.

Standard and Custom Catalogs
Learn about the basics of IRONCAD’s powerful drag-and-drop catalogs  including how to use pre-loaded catalogs and how to create your own.

Handles - Introduction to Push/Pull Design
Discover how handles are used to modify geometry in almost every aspect of the design environment. Simply click, push, and pull to adjust dimensions.

The Triball - Often Copied, Never Duplicated
See the integral role the TriBall plays throughout the design process as it enables you to position almost anything you can select within a 3D scene.

Basic Part Creation - Drag & Drop - Push & Pull Design
Watch how IRONCAD’s drag-and-drop and push-and-pull functionality can be used to create a basic 3D part design from scratch in just minutes.

Data Import & Export In a Single Model  Environment
Import all major CAD file formats into IRONCAD’s unified scene. Export to your chosen file type and share with collaborators on other platforms.

Creating AIDS (Drawings)
Learn about the two technical AID (drawing) environments supported by IRONCAD, including CAXA Draft, which expedites annotations.

Creating an Assembly Feature
Example illustrating how to use assembly features in IRONCAD. Assembly features apply cut operations to an entire assembly. 

Creating a Bilinear Pattern in IronCAD

Using Blend/Chamfer Drag Handles

3D Bi-Directional Constraint Solver

Dimensional constraints between parts and assemblies are now fully bi-directional meaning that either object is free to move in order to solve the desired positional change as you would expect in the real world between objects.

Create Features from Imported Data

Example illustrating how to use feature recognition in IRONCAD on imported data.

Creating a Custom Sheet Metal Form

This video demonstrates how to create a Custom Sheet Metal Form.

Design Variations in IronCAD

Example illustrating creating and editing design variations of models using parametric values within IRONCAD.

Emboss Command

How to use the Emboss command in IRONCAD

Creating Engraved Text

How to use 3D Text to create engraved text on parts

How to Link Parameters to Excel 

How to link to an Excel spreadsheet to drive dimension parameters

Exploded Assembly Configurations  

Example illustrating how to create an exploaded assembly using configurations

Extend a Surface from Multiple Edges   

This video demonstrates how to Extend a surface from multiple edges

Creating a Bilinear Pattern    

This video demonstrates how to Extend a surface from multiple edges

2D Region Selection With Parametric Control    

Selecting a region within a sketch to extrude, spin, sweep or loft has never been easier.

Using the Outline Sketch Selection Option       

This video demonstrates how to use the Outline Sketch Selection option.

Using the Rib Feature       

This video demonstrates how to use the Rib Feature

Parametric Design       

Defining Parameters to drive the size of a part and then using Design Variation to create the different parts.

Transparency Drag and Drop Tool        

Quickly drag and drop transparency settings on parts and assemblies from stored settings in your custom catalog.

Intelligent Parametric Drag & Drop and Push & Pull Design  

Build a parametric model by adding intelligence so that you can drag and drop other parametric components and control by Push/Pull

Calculate a Volume from an Open Part (Hopper)   

Example how to create a closed volume from an open model such as a hopper using faces.

Editing Sketches   

Editing sketches by using StreamLined Sketching.

Structural Steel Weldment Creation  

Editing sketches by using StreamLined Sketching.

What makes IronCAD the very best conceptual design system?

Five Functions that Increase 3D CAD Productivity!!

1. Single Model Environment
2. The only Integrated History/Direct Edit Modeling
3. Copy/Paste Parts/Assembles from other files.
4. Drag and Drop Design from Standard/Custom Catalogs
5. The Incredible Triball

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