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How to Increase Your Productivity Tenfold

The Single Model Environment


In my experience there is no more of a productive environment that allows you to freely design in a space where you to do your complete design without having to worry about naming and saving your parts or assemblies until the design is complete.


IronCAD is the only history-based product that offers this capability. Imagine starting your design by building one part at a time. You can then create the mating parts by projecting the necessary features. Your sub-assemblies and assemblies can coexist in one space. Only when the design is done do you have to create the separate parts and files if at all. If they are unique parts to this assembly, you can actually detail all the different parts and assemblies in a single associative drawing. If you have only used the Pro/E paradigm this is a new experience that gives you incredible flexibility and Freedom.


3D CAD Single Model Design Environment


Learning IronCAD! Lesson 6
IronCAD Configuration

Managing the Single Model Environment

The Incredible TriBall
Guaranteed to increase your design productivity!


The TriBall mimics the head’s-up approach of jet fighters. It’s an effective a tool for positioning and aligning parts, creating new geometry and editing imported models.

  • Increases flexibility editing models imported from different CAD systems

  • Improves productivity when creating paths, cable/wire runs or tubing and piping

  • Eliminates design problems by enabling easy-to-use direct-edit modeling

  • Improves ease-of-use manipulating objects in 3D space without the need for planes



Integrated History Based/Direct Edit Modeling
Using both Paradigms in your Design Process!


There are few complex parts with Direct Edit! Direct edit in the Pro/e clone world is nothing but an add-on module with a clunky interface between the history/feature-based modeling and the direct editing functionality. Even when they try to incorporate the two paradigms, they are basically separate functions creating a step in the history. The direct edit function is still part of the history. There is only one CAD system that truly incorporates and integrates both history and direct editing.


 Here is what an expert Solidworks user says about using direct edit in the design process.


"Yes, direct editing in SW can be used in the design process. However, it should be done with extreme caution. Sometimes, direct editing is just the obvious way to go. However, used incorrectly (and it's far easier to use incorrectly than the 'normal' tools, it makes the part a royal mess. I'm currently dealing with a few parts that were made using extensive direct editing. It's nearly impossible to track down what parts of the history you need to change to maintain everything else and make even a simple change."


Learning IronCAD! Lesson 5
Integrated History Based/Direct Edit Modeling



Reusing Existing 3D CAD Models for a New Product Line

Copy and Paste


Reusing Existing 3D CAD Models for a New Product Line


Most of us are in an industry that designs similar parts. Now IronCAD offers the custom catalog for the most common features, parts and assemblies.  But many times, you many need a part or an assembly from another project to serve as a basis for a new product.


Reusing existing CAD models for a new product is a very cost-effective way of cutting the design costs. But many CAD systems just don’t offer the tools to do this effectively.   


IronCAD being a Single Model Environment, lets you design complete projects in one file, so you can bring it up and all of the parts and assemblies are available to you for your current project. Also, as in the catalogs, the history is still intact. 


It is tough enough to use native CAD models to create new products, but if you can reuse CAD data regardless of whom or what created it your design world opens up. IronCAD is the only truly integrate history/direct edit 3D CAD system.


The best way to show a new technique is to show a real-life project so we decided to show the actual process that was taken to bring this product to market.

Reusing 3D CAD Models for a New Product Phase One


Drag and Drop Design from Standard and Custom Catalogs

IronCAD's Drag & Drop Design - Get more done… Faster!

IronCAD's Drag & Drop catalog system is your 3D palette for useful CAD data. Whether it's parts, features, tools, materials, animations and more, you can Drag & Drop at any time. It's lightning quick and incredibly customizable. You can Drag & drop shapes, parts, and assemblies, push & pull to make precise changes in seconds, and easily create assemblies in one file. And if you need the constrained sketch-only world used by Solidworks, Inventor or CATIA or PTC, you can still design in that world because catalog features and shapes can be driven by an embedded sketch.

Learning IronCAD! Lesson Two
Drag and Drop Design
Designing with Shapes

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