Redback Spyder
An Australian Supercar



I found this in GrabCAD a few years ago and was amazed that someone would post it. It was originally done in IronCAD.

I am probably like many of you that think of 3D CAD more as a hobby or play than a job. I thought I would post this and see if any would like to design a new body or utilize some of the components. I will give it a try.

If you take on this challenge please send me a rendering so I can post it.

I have uploaded it as an Parasolid and an IronCAD native file to my Onshape.com account. If you do not have an account it is free.

Redback Spyder 

You can then download it in a variety of formats! But realize that you will probably need a robust direct edit or hybrid modeler to do the modifications since they are all "dumb" models. Or you could even load it back into Onshape and play. You could also download IronCAD or ZW3D, import, and play there. ZW3D with its flexible freeform Class A surfacing would be the best to design a new body!


You can also download these Super Cars from the GrabCAD Contest. I loaded them up on Onshape.

Rookie One                            Nucleus One


You can see an example of how to reuse CAD models for new products here:

Reusing 3D CAD Models for a New Product

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Redback Body In ZW3D

Redback Chassis in ZW3D

Notice that the chassis and body come in to one file.
You can see the assemblies listed in the history tree.



Redback Body In IronCAD/INOVATE

Notice the Drag and Drop Catalog on the bottom with the texture options.

Redback Chassis in IronCAD/INOVATE

Notice that the chassis and body come in to one file.
You can see the parts/assemblies listed in the history tree.
The Drag and Drop Catalog shows the standard shapes available for design.
I have modified the filter intake for a new body design.
(I will get to it someday, LOL)

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