IronCAD 21 Now Released!

Nov 30, 2020 | Machinery DesignModular DesignIronCAD DCSSheet Metal DesignMCADAssembly Management

What’s New in 2021


IronCAD's unique drag and drop design from standard and custom catalogs offers a new paradigm in the constrained sketching world of 3D CAD!

Here are some getting started lessons, we have sketching but is what I call "Streamlined Sketching".

TECH-NET IronCAD Training

IronCAD Offers Minimal Data Management

Create parts and assemblies in a single file with IRONCAD’s unified design scene. Minimal product data management needed. It has a separate documentation module that can have all of documentation in one file. This is more than a drawing module you can do Tech Pubs, Marketing and Tooling & Planning Docs.

Please take a look at this lesson. Thirty files in Catia turn into two file, parts, sub-assemblies and drawings. It is the same with Creo, NX, Solid Edge, Solidworks and Inventor. We read them all.

IronCAD vs Catia Lesson 3 Assembly

IRONCAD 3D modeling software empowers designers to focus on design by giving them an intuitive platform that mirrors how we interact with the physical world. Easily reposition components with the patented TriBall™ visualization tool, resize objects by stretching them with handles, and drag and drop predefined shapes into the design scene for a better, faster design process.

We have some great specials to introduce the IronCAD 2021. These specials are good until December 30. 2020

AA (Armor Advantage) includes annual maintenance plus support and extra mobile license!

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IronCAD vs Solidworks!




Introduction to IronCAD




To experience this increased level of productivity, please download IronCAD for a 30 day evaluation. Legacy data is no problem, IronCAD can read the native files of all of the popular programs. IronCAD is a great replacement for the subscription only Autodesk and PTC products.

IronCAD Now Available for Rent!

IronCAD now offers a annual rental program at $1,500.00
A great way to get into the incredible increased productivity of IronCAD.

Rental includes upgrades and a extra mobile license! 

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IronCAD is much different than the popular Solidworks clones. The above features offer a complete different, more flexible and productive design process. Please use this excellent training tool to get introduced to this unique 3D CAD design solution.

Self-Paced Training Guide - Introduction

Product Comparison Chart

3D Modeling Techniques Defined

IronCAD vs Fusion 360

IronCAD vs Solidworks

High Speed Sketching in Creo? What?

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IronCAD offers much more than the basic Solidworks clones!

Leverage Your Engineering Data throughout your Organization!

Leverage Your Engineering Data - Sales, Publication and Marketing

Leverage Your Engineering Data - Manufacturing

Checking, Design Review, Manufacturing and Data Extraction

Simplifying Your Design Process 

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