IRONCAD vs Solidworks
When I introduce IronCAD's very flexible design paradigm I have a hard time to get the Pro/e clone users, like Solidworks and other programs to understand the drag and drop design paradigm.

I saw the following video challenges on linkedin and thought I would give it a try on IronCAD. I actually did it before I watched the video, so I did it a bit differently. This will give you an idea how different and flexible IronCAD is compared to the conventional Pro/e clone and to the not so conventional Fusion 360.

To see these same lessons in ZW3D:

ZW3D vs Solidworks

These following exercises started out to show the benefits of IronCAD over Solidworks, but quickly turned into a study of modeling techniques. Take a look at all of them they will open your eyes to a much different and more productive way of modeling. It really has more to do with modeling technique than it has to do with the 3D CAD systems. I have found that I do 3D modeling as compared to the conventional 2D sketching.

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson One

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Two

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Three

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Four

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Five

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Six

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Seven

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Eight

IronCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Nine

IronCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Ten

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Eleven

IronCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Twelve

IronCAD vs Solidworks Thirteen

IronCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Fourteen

IronCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Fifteen

IronCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Sixteen

IronCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Seventeen

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Give me a call if you have any questions. I can set up a skype or go to meeting to show this part or answer any of your questions on the operation of IronCAD. It truly is the very best conceptual 3D CAD system.

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